Eat. Sip. Smile :)   
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When a dream joined persistence, ESS became a beautiful reality.

Come visit us: :)
Mon, Thurs, Fri  8-300
Saturday 800am-100pm
Sunday 800am-100pm

Who's behind all of this ??

Chef and Owner Carrie "Lola" Altomer was born and raised by a second generation farmer (father) and a teacher (mother).  Her love for not only food but the different worldly techniques and flavors of different cultures began at a very young age due to her many familial roots (German, Italian, French, & Puerto Rican).  Carrie began as a small child making food experiments and it grew throughout her young teens into her 20's, motherhood and today.  With 10 years of mixed experience in different food industry and culinary experiences as well as pure passion and love for creating dishes whether feeding her family at home or guests at ESS, Carrie's love continues to grow and thrive. " I wake up each and every morning ready to test a new recipe, learn a new technique and satisfy the apetites of many hungry people and every day that I get to step foot through Eat. Sip. Smile's doors to experience the joy of what I make through our guests smiles and reactions is a blessed day." 

Eat. Sip. Smile's mission is to provide a full circle balance that will suit and cater to any lifestyle; Gluten free, Paleo, herbivores, carnivores and Chocolat-avores (it's a thing), in a happy vibes environment with fantastic service and plenty of smiles :).

"Thank you all for letting me feed you while you feed my dream."

BE WELL ALWAYS and may your soul shine through your smile onto others.